Kids Air Beds are Sure to Be a Hit With Your Young Ones!

Kids air beds have many practical uses, as well as being a lot of fun.

If your family likes to camp, then you child could have their own comfy spot to put their sleeping bag. If they have company over, it is very convenient to pump up at night and deflate in the morning.

However, you will probably have to get a full-size, or two twin sizes, because your kid will want to sleep on an air mattress along with their company.

Beyond camping and sleepovers, you can still get plenty of use from a well-chosen kids' inflatable mattress.

More Uses For Your Air Mattress

The air mattress could be used for family movie nights. Pump it up and put it in the living room floor for a super fun night at the house. Top it off with some popcorn and a drink, and your kids are ready to have a great night with mom and dad.

Instead of climbing all over you while the movie is going on, they will be bouncing, rolling, and playing on the new air mattress. This makes for a much more enjoyable night for parents and children alike. (Maybe you can catch them off guard and jump on them during the movie!)

Fun Out of the Box

The first night they get their new air filled portable bed, your children are going to want to sleep on it right away.

Let them sleep on it in their own room, or even in other parts of the house. It's good to switch things up every now and then to break up the rut of monotony.

They might want to camp out in the living room, in a sibling's bedroom, or beside the dog. Use it as a reward, and your kids will have one more incentive to be good.

Here are some excellent choices of air mattresses suitable for children. All are available with FREE shipping and immediate online ordering.

Bed inflatable beds for kids
Bed inflatable beds for kids

Super-Comfy Inflatable Bed

Easy Inflate Air Mattress

Bed inflatable beds for kids
Bed inflatable beds for kids

Buzz Lightyear Airbed

Thomas the Tank Engine Bed

Bed inflatable beds for kids
Bed inflatable beds for kids

Disney Princess Air Mattress

Pink Inflatable Kids' Mattress

Didn't see what you're looking for? Never fear. Click here to search for the kids' bed of your "dreams", and enjoy FREE shipping and great prices!

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