Kid Captains Beds Are Great for Saving Space in a Child's Bedroom!

Kids captains beds will allow you to reward your kids for putting their clothes under the bed, because with this type of bed, that is exactly where their clothes are supposed to be!

They won't have room to stuff toys and trash under their old bed anymore because they will have a bed with drawers. These beds are good for boys and girls, and are especially good for kids who share a room but don't want bunk beds. It eliminates the need for two dressers, which creates a lot more open space to play in.

Captains beds got their name because of the tight quarters on sailing ships. Every square inch makes a difference when you don't have much room. The Captain was probably the only one with enough changes ofclothes to need drawers, so someone decided that it would be very convenient to put them under the bed. Some kids bedrooms are tight like sailing quarters, so combining a bed and a dresser into one piece of furniture makes perfect sense. Young kids will also have fun imagining that they are the captain of a huge sailing ship on the open seas, which makes this type of bed a perfect choice.

Kids Like the Added Space Their Room Gets With Extra Storage
More bedroom space while providing a comfortable place to sleep can make a huge difference in your child's bedroom that he or she will love.

Carolina Furniture 317530 Crossroads Captains Bed Twin

A Twin Size is Definately a Good Choice for Small Spaces
A Twin size is a great way to give your child a delightful bedroom space while providing a comfortable place to sleep. Imagine the difference this great bed could make in your child's life.

South Shore Furniture, Cakao Collection, Twin Mates Bed 39, Chocolate

White is the Color of Purity and Beauty
White captains beds are great for a girls room who likes to save space and keep her room nice and neat.  The drawers give provide lots of area for storage while the white finish gives the touch of beauty.

Twin Size Captain's Bed with Underbed 4 Storage Drawer Chest White Finish

Maple Can Add Natural Beauty to Your Kids Room
Maple makes an excellent piece of bedroom furniture that is great in any room. It's natural feel allows you the freedom to choose whatever setting you desire to make this captains bed your own.

Twin Size Captain's Bed with 3 Drawer Trundle Bed Natural Maple Finish

Pine is Economical and Durable if Your Looking for a Solid Wood Bed
A Pine Bed is an excellent piece of furniture that can make a great addition to any room. It's natural feel can add character and set the theme for the bedroom.

South Shore Furniture, Little Treasures Collection, Twin Mates Bed 39, Country Pine

Youth Need to Save Space Too with Drawers Under the Bed
A youth captain bed is a wonderful way to allow your child a clutter free room while providing a comfy place to dream. Envision the entertainment a youth captain bed could give your child.

Elite 35-6701-997 Locker - Twin Size Captain's Bed with 3 Drawers

The Full Size Captains Beds Size are Great for Older Kids
A full size is great for any room. From a child's room to a guest bedroom a full size bed with drawers has many uses and is great for comfort and storage.

Full Size White Storage Bed with Bookcase Headboard

Platform Beds Are Extremely Stylish With Drawers
A captain platform bed is a multi-functional bed that can serve any age well.  A captain platform bed can compliment your room and add more living space for your needs.

White Full/Double Size Platform Captain Storage Bed w/Drawers

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