Choosing Cool Bedding for Kids is Fun!

Picking out bedding for kids can be lots of fun!  Can you remember what your bedroom looked like when your were young?  I bet you can remember and look back with a smile as you think about the different comforters and or blankets you had to cover your bed and set the theme of your bedroom.

The first set of bedding I can remeber was He-Man blankets for my brothers and my bunk bed.  When I got a room of my own I had a quilt that my mom made with a farm theme.  As I got older and my room became decorated with trophies that I had won playing baseball I got a sports themed quilt.

Your kids will remeber how there rooms looked as well for years to come.  It is there domain and it must represent them well.  There are many themes and colors when it comes to bedding for kids.  You could chose a specific theme such as Barbie, Strawberry Shortcake, or a favorite pro sports team.  Or you could go with a general theme such as horses, airplanes, or butterflies.  

Maybe your just looking for a cool crazy design that would make your childs room shine.  Choosing bedding for kids with a cool design may get an extra development bonus as well.  Studies have shown that patterns with bright alternating colors help in cognitive development especially in younger children and infants.    

Don't forget the bed skirts!  Most of the time a kids bedroom is not fully put together.  The blankets are hanging off to one side of the bed, there are clothes in the floor and toys stashed under the bed.  A bedding set is not complete with out the bed skit to complement the comforter and to coceal whatever may be hid underneath the bed.

Kids Bed Skirts Give Just the Right Touch!
Kids bed skirts come in all different colors and designs. The look of the entire room can be energize by a kids bed skirt. They can be an inexpensive way to make a plain bed and bedding come alive.

Freckles Hot Chocolate Bedskirt

Set the perfect theme for your childs room with a great kids bed spread!
A kids bed spread is more than just a cover to keep them warm at night. Kids play on or around their beds probably more than any other thing. Their bed spread makes a big impression on their minds.

Dr. Seuss Kids Room Quilted Bedding, Twin Bed Quilt Set

Bedding for Bunk Beds is Fun!
Find great bedding for bunk beds and decorate your kids room with the perfect decor. Finding bedding for bunk beds can be tricky, especially when your choosing for two very different kids.

Pirates Twin Comforter Hugger by Olive Kids

Great Bed Covers Make the Room Feel Special!Find great kid bed covers and make it fun. Bed covers set the theme for the entire room. Finding the perfect ones are essential.

Camouflage Army Boy Twin Kids Childrens Bedding Set 4pcs

Barbie bedding is great for little girls!
Find great Barbie bedding and give your girl the California experience. There are many different Barbie bedding designs

Springmaid Baby 4 Piece Toddler Set - Barbie in The 12 Dancing Princesses

Kids Will Soar With Great Airplane Bedding!
Find great airplane bedding that is perfect for your little boy. Airplanes are a huge fascination for kids and make for a very cool room theme.

Brand new Flyaway Quilt set

Finding Bedding for Cribs Can Be Fun for New Parents!
Searching for the perfect bedding for cribs is a fun job for new parents. With all the styles and designs available it is exciting imagining what the new baby's room can be like.

Disney Pooh 4 Piece Crib Bedding Set Delightful Day

Infant bedding needs to be chosen with the greatest care!
The perfect infant bedding will make both the baby and the parents happy. The right colors and patterns stimulate a baby's mind will make him or her a happy baby.

DwellStudio® for Target® Hippo Crib Set

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