What is a Trundle Bed?

A trundle bed is a regular type bed that includes a roll out mattress underneath it.  They are a very valuable piece of bedroom furniture because they allow for the sleeping space of two beds while only taking up the space of one bed.  

These are popular choices for people who expect to have frequent overnight guests.  Whenever they have no company the convenient mattress stays tucked away, completely out of the way.  But when company arrives it is easily pulled out and converted into a very comfortable sleeping place.

A Trundle Can Come in Many Styles, Designs, and Colors.  The most prominent is the twin size, but it is not uncommon to find full size, bunk beds or even loft beds that have a trundle option.  Some are built into the frame in the form of a drawer.  These are nice because they conceal the mattress completely whenever it is pushed in.  To the outside observer they would conclude that you had a captains bed and that you just had drawers underneath.  By removing the mattress this can be an option, allowing a person to use the space as extra storage. Others are simply metal frames with rollers.  These do not conceal the mattress as well as the former type, but this problem can easily be remedied with the use of a bed skirt.  

What makes a trundle bed so great for kids is that it gives them a place for their friends to sleep when they invite them over to spend the night. Sleepovers are great fun and create memories that will last for years and years to come.  Having a special place for your child's friend to stay without taking up much need space is a great idea.  Below are some of the different styles and designs I have found.  Explore the possibilities and find out which type would work best for you and your kid.

Adding a Trundle Underneath a Kids Bed is a Perfect Idea
Kids trundle beds come in many different shapes, sizes, styles, and colors.  There are many different possibilities that can make a kids bedroom great and create that perfect place.  

Discovery Twin Panel Mates w/ 3 Drawers & Trundle: Desk Hutch & Chair, TV Stand

The Twin Sizes are a Very Popular Choice
Twin trundle beds are great for small spaces and large usage.  They can be made out of iron or wooden materials and the finishes come in a variety of colors and shades to fit a girls or a boys bedroom.

Santa Barbara Twin Trundle Bed Set - Toasted Pecan

Girl Trundle Bed is Designed with Beauty in Mind
Many manufacturers create designs that are specifically a girl bed. Knowing that girls require grace and elegance when it comes to their bedroom furniture making their room beautiful.

Full Size Bed with Trundle White Finish

Boys Like a Cool Bed
A boy trundle has to looks tough and is built tough.  They usually come in a sturdy wooden frame with a medium to dark natural finish or are constructed with iron and a black finish.

Bonita Twin Copper Mist Complete Bed Trundle

Three Beds in One Piece of Furniture
Trundle Bunk Beds are a rare find but they are extremely cool and provide a lot of sleeping space for up to three kids.  These are definitely designed for kids who like company.

Explorer Twin Twin Ranch Staircase Bunk with Trundle

Older Kids Will Appreciate a Full Size
The Full Size was probably created with the adult in mind but they are great for older kids too.  There are a few designs made specifically for older kids knowing that some they like to graduate from a twin to a full as they grow older.

Full Size Mate's Bed with 3 Drawer Trundle Bed Natural Maple Finish

Elegant White Creates Lots of Possibilities
A White Trundle Bed makes for a beautiful addition to any girls bedroom. 

Some come with a wooden head and footboard that is engraved for beauty while others are beautifully crafted with iron that include fancy designs.

Trundle Bed White Semi Gloss Finish

Iron Footboard and Headboard with Roll-Out Mattress
Iron Trundle Beds  come designed with grace and beauty in mind.  Many times they are finished in white and are suited for a girl.  However, some come in black and are great for a boys room.  The trundle underneath is a frame mounted on rollers that easily pulls out and slides back in.

Black Metal Twin Size Day Bed (Daybed) Frame with Trundle

Fun in a Sleigh Bed
Sleigh Trundle Beds are intended to beautify a room while also providing the usability of a convenient roll-out mattress underneath.  Most of these beds include the trundle in a drawer box underneath that conceals the mattress underneath and beautifies the piece of furniture.

Twin Size Sleigh Bed with Trundle White Finish

Pop It Up and Make It Twin Size Height
Some Roll Out Mattress Frames have the option of raising up to the same height as the bed in which it is stored under.  This cool benefit keeps guests from sleeping so low to the ground.  Most of these are a metal frame that can be raised up and lowered again with ease.

Link Deck By Fashion Bed Group

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