Twin Beds are Just the Right Size for Kids and Toddlers!

Kids twin beds are probably the most popular of all the other kinds of kids beds. They are simple, small and work for any child. They are great for toddlers who are still to small for loft beds or bunk beds. 

They are also perfect for kids who have out grown loft beds and bunk beds. They don’t take up a lot of space and are low to the ground so that falling out isn’t as big of a tragedy. Kids have been sleeping on twin beds for many years. For some kids today they are the perfect choice.

These beds come in many styles and colors to fit any kids bedroom decor. Some are really fancy like race car beds or princess beds, and some are the more traditional wooden or iron beds. A kids bed needs a little pizzaz but not too much.

Give your kids the opportunity to use their imagination with their beds. Many times a child will prefer to play with an empty box rather than the toy that is inside because it’s possibilities are endless. Use the same philosophy when finding the perfect kids twin size bed. Make it fun, but leave room for your child's imagination.

A Twin Canopy Bed is Great for a Kids Bedroom
Many times a twin canopy bed is the only type of canopy style bed that will work for kids. A twin canopy is small enough to fit into the room nicely and are an extremely cute piece of bedroom furniture.

Emily Full White Complete Canopy Bed

Save Space With a Captain Twin Beds
A twin captain bed is a great way to give your child a delightful bedroom space while providing a comfortable place to sleep. Imagine the difference a great captain bed could make in your childs room.

Youth Contemporary Style White Twin Size Storage Mates Bed

Be Prepared for Sleepovers with a Trundle
Twin trundle beds are great for small spaces and large usage. Twin trundle beds can be made out of iron or wooden materials and the finishes come in a variety of colors and shades to fit a girls or a boys bedroom.

Bed Twin size with Trundle in Expresso

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