The Perfect Kids Bed Spread is Essential!

The choice of a kids bed spread is very important because it determines the theme of their entire room. A kids bedroom decor doesn’t just show the kids identity, but it helps mold the kids identity.

Are they a super hero or a princess? Or are they a construction worker or a ballerina? Kids spend an enormous amount of time playing on or around their beds, not to mention their sleeping time. The impressions that are made in their minds will include the memories of what kind of images they saw on their bed everyday growing up.

There are many themes to pick from when looking for the perfect bedding for your child's bed. There are sports themes, jungle themes, space themes, princess themes, and many more. 

The list could go on and on. Deciding on the perfect one depends on how you want to inspire your child. Do you want your kid to excel in science? Then maybe a space theme would be a great choice. Lots of thoughts and imagination of space exploration will go on in your kids mind just because they have a space comforter. 

Or, do you want your little girl to really believe that she is precious - a true princess?  If you tell her this on a regular basis, and she sees a princess theme in her bedroom, then she will have a much easier time remembering she's a princess when questions of self-doubt and identity arise.  She can be reassured that she is special every time that she walks into her room if your princess has the right bedding that conveys this message.

The first options shown are great for boys, and the remainder are great for girls:

Instyle Night Vision Blue Comforter Set
Olive Kids Trains, Planes, & Trucks Comforter
Dr. Seuss Kids Room Quilted Bedding, Twin Bed Quilt Set
Game On Twin Size Bed Comforter by Olive Kids
Game On Twin Size Bed Comforter by Olive Kids
Out Of This World Twin Cotton Comforter Hugger by Olive Kids
Mermaids Twin Size Bed Comforter by Olive Kids
Snuggle Sac Country Heart Twin Bedspread
Maisy Toddler Bed Set (Queen Maisy)
Bindi's Tree House Comforter by Dan River Home Fashions for Kids
Olive Kids Tea Party Comforter
Flowerland Twin Size Bed Comforter by Olive Kids

Add to the charm in your child's room by getting decor and accessories that coordinate with your child's bedding.

InStyle Night Vision Pillow
Spider-Man 3 Movie Sheet Set, Twin
Olive Kids Trains, Planes, & Trucks Sheet Set
Dr. Seuss Kids Room Bedding Full Sheet Set
Mermaids Twin Size 100% Cotton Sheets by Olive Kids
Olive Kids Game On Full Sheet Set
Snuggle Sac Country Heart 100% Cotton Wall Tidy
Olive Kids Out of this World Sheet Sets
Maisy Table with 2 Chairs
Snuggle Sac Princess Chair with Snuggle Sac
Gingham Full Size 100% Cotton Sheets - Pink
Flowerland Twin Size 100% Cotton Sheets by Olive Kids

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