Youth Captain Bed

A Youth Captain Bed is a perfect place for your childs dreams to come true. These beds can be masculine or chic, and come in a variety of colors to allow your child or teen to have whatever his or her imagination calls for.

Another great quality of this bed is the amount of storage it contains to keep your childs or teens room clutter free and ready for use and play.

Not only do these beds have a great deal of storage to eliminate clutter from the room, it also provides more floor space for your child to build forts, barbie castles, or whatever adventure he or she may conjure up. For teens, the extra floor space can be used for lounging with friends, working on school or art projects, adding an extra chair or desk, or jamming around the room with their music on. From great sleep to tons of fun, invest in your child today and get them the bed that is perfect for their stage of life and budding personality.

White and Natural Maple Mates Bed
Alegria Natural Maple Twin Mates Bed
Denim Mates Bed
Youth Contemporary Style White Twin Size Storage Mates Bed
Elite 35-6701-997 Locker - Twin Size Captain's Bed with 3 Drawers

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