White Tube Bunk Bed

Getting a white tube bunk bed can be an excellent choice. It kind of goes away from the traditional wooden beds, and gives your child a unique look to their room.

The tube bed gives your kid's bedroom a more modern look, and can really compliment some bedroom themes. For example, if you wanted to create an outerspace theme, then the tube bed would fit well into the room and blend into the decor nicely.

If you were going for a sports theme, either a certain sport like baseball of football, or a specific team, then the bed would bring the look and feel of a college dorm. This would make the young guys feel big. If they've ever visited an older brother, sister, or cousin in college, they would feel proud to know they had a bed like them. Many designs of these beds come as futon bunk beds. I guess the tubular design makes it great for a futon. These beds open up to become a full size bed underneath, and a twin on top. Folding it back to become a couch makes a great place for reading, studying, or playing video games.

Walker Edison Twin over Futon Bunk Bed
New C Style Twin/futon Bunk Bed White
Sunrise Twin/Twin Bunk Bed By Walker Edison
Bunk Bed - Twin / Full Size Bunk Bed in White - Coaster

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