Twin Canopy Bed for Kids

A twin canopy bed is usually the first thing that comes to mind when someone thinks about purchasing one of these elegant little beds for a kids room.  

While an older child such as a teenager may have a full size a twin is the only way to go for a kids bedroom.  They can add class and elegance to any room and make it into a very special place.

Most canopy beds are constructed with adults in mind but there are several adorable twin size canopy beds that are designed with kids in mind. The majority are made out of metal or iron while there are only a few constructed out of wood.  It is true that most are designed with girls in mind but there are a few designs that could work well in a boy's bedroom as well such as a well constructed log canopy.  White is the most popular color for this type of bed, but some can be found in black or even different shades of brass or silver.  

Powell Princess Rebecca Canopy Twin Size Bed 374-106 (Silver) (78.5H x 83.25W x 40.25D)
Powell Princess Emily Shabby Chic White with Pink Sand-Through Carriage Canopy Twin Size Bed
Emily Full White Complete Canopy Bed
Lea Industries Twin Canopy Bedroom Set - Elation
Twin Size Bed - Emily Twin Size Canopy Bed in White
Canopy Twin Cedar Log Bed

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