Twin Trundle Beds

Twin trundle beds are perfect for kids bedrooms and allow a child to have an extra bed in their room without losing much needed space. There are a variety of different styles and designs to choose from when looking for a twin size with roll out option bed.  

Wood and iron seem to be popular designs.  These come in a broad assortment of colors to help the trendy parent create whatever fashionable design they want for their child's room.  

The biggest reason people consider twin size trundle beds is to provide sleeping arrangements for regular guests.  A pull-out mattress doesn't make a good place for someone to sleep on all the time but it is great for company. Your kids will have a ball inviting their cousins and friends over to spend the night knowing they have a cool place for them to sleep.  Kids beds are not just a place to sleep but a place to play and make memories that will last.

Bed Twin size with Trundle in Honey
Bed Twin size with Trundle in White
Bed Twin size with Trundle in Expresso
Twin Size Bed with Trundle Bed Honey Oak Finish
South Shore Furniture, Prairie Collection, Twin Trundle Bed 39, Country Pine
Santa Barbara Twin Trundle Bed Set - Toasted Pecan

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