There's Nothing Like Playing in Kids Bed Tents!

Kids bed tents have existed long before they were ever sold in stores. I remember the old fashioned tents my brother and I would make with a blanket a flashlight and whatever we could find to hold the blanket up.

Today there are many shapes, colors, and themes to chose from that excite kids and make shopping fun for parents. They have come a long way since my blanket and flashlight days, but I’m still partial to the old fashioned way.

With a cool tent over their bed, your child will make many great memories. For kids a bed isn’t primarily a place to sleep, it is a place to play. Whether it’s the comfort or the convenience, the fact remains that kids love to play on their beds. Playing is a kids job. The more they play and use their imagination the smarter and more successful they will be when they grow up.

Give them every opportunity you can to play and maybe it will keep them away from the T.V. for a little bit. Encourage your kids to do some outdoor imagining when they have to be cooped up indoors. Kids always like camping in the great indoors. All the fun without the threat of coyotes and bears. 

Playhut Disney Princess Bed Hide-out
Pacific Play Tents Secret Castle Twin Bed Tent
Woolrich Bed Tent
Playhut Thomas and Friends Engine Bed Topper
Pop-Up Princess Carriage Bed Tent
Disney Tinkerbell Fairies Bed Tent
Kids NASCAR Twin Size BED DOME/TENT Hide 'n Sleep
Multicolor Bunk Bed with Slide and Tent

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