Loft Bed Trundle

A loft bed trundle is a rare find but it's possibilities are stupendous. As you can see the one's pictured below offer a wide range functionality.

They include a computer desk for study, drawers for extra storage, shelves for even more storage, and the all important trundle for friends and cousins to spend the night on.6 Most loft beds offer a wide range of useful components, which is probably why many parents consider them when looking for a new bed for their child.

These types of beds normally come with guardrails up top to protect your little one from rolling out of the bed in the middle of the night. The trundle itself is discretely hidden in what looks like the bottom drawers of the piece of furniture. When closed, most people would never guess that the bottom drawer pulls out to be a trundle.  Another great feature is that if for some reason the trundle bed was not needed anymore, the mattress can always be removed and that space can be used as a bottom drawer for storage.

Discovery All In One 4 Drawer Twin/Twin
Discovery All in One Full/Twin
Discovery All In One Junior Twin/Twin
Powell Rustica Full Over Twin All in One Bunk Bed with Chair (ships in 6 cartons)
Powell 836-944 Rustica Full Over Twin All in One Bunk Bed with Chair ships in 6 cartons
Rustica Full over twin All in one Bunk Bed & Chair

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