Race Car Beds for Kids are a Fast Hit!

Race Car beds for kids are a great way to add excitement to your little boy's room. Little boys and big boys alike have always been fascinated with cars, especially fast ones.

Maybe it's something genetic, but you almost can't go wrong with purchasing a car bed for your little boy. Many times, whether they have access to race car beds for kids or not, their bed will end up being a car at one point or another. Whether they're driving in a race, or pretending with their brothers and sisters that they're going on a drive, kids will always play and use their imaginations in their beds.

The bed is the center part of their domain, a.k.a. their bedroom. Usually it is the first thing you see when you go into the room, and it usually takes up the most space. Everything else in the room usually revolves around the bed, so it's an extremely important decision to find the perfect one for your child. As parents, we should try to encourage our kids to use their imagination and play creatively any chance we get.

In a society that is saturated with television, video games, and other digital media, many kids have almost forgotten what it's like to pretend and make-believe on their own without having a computer or game to imagine for them. Parents should make bedrooms a place for play and imagination for their kids to encourage them to use their minds, and make something up that is all their own. With race kids car bed a little boy will probably win the Daytona 500, or other car races, over and over. When his friends come over to play or sleep over, they can race each other around a make-believe track. Whatever the outcome, you and your child will win with cool race car beds for kids.

These three are made for twin size mattresses except the one in the middle which has the option of using a twin mattress or a toddler mattress.

Race Car Bed for Kids
Stock Car Bed for Kids
Little Tikes Sports Car Twin Bed

These are all made to fit toddler mattresses except the one on the right which can also fit a twin size mattress.

Little Tikes Lightning McQueen Roadster Toddler Bed
Disney Pixar Cars Wooden Toddler Bed
Step2 Stock Car Convertible Bed

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