Blast Off Into Space with Kids Rocketship Beds!

Kids rocketship beds are a blast. Nothing says fun in the great beyond than a bed that looks like a rocketship. Beds have been going to space long before they were ever designed as a spaceship.

Kids play and imagine all the time on their beds. You could encourage them to use more of their imagination with a theme bed that goes into space.

Many kids are interested in space exploration. Probably not in a real sense that will inspire them to become rocket scientists someday, but in a fun, pretend sense. All the cartoons and movies that have to do with space travel, aliens, and exotic planets probably have a lot to do with kids imagining themselves in space. Who knows - maybe by having a rocketship bed it will actually inspire your kid to seek a career someday at NASA. If nothing else, maybe it will help you nudge them along at applying themselves at math and science. Tell them that real astranauts have to know a lot of science and math, and it will probably go a long way.

Here are a couple of kid space ship beds. I will keep my eyes open for more in the future. With the loft bed your child would feel like they are sleeping with the stars.

kids rocketship bed
Star Rocket Bed - Twin
Star Rocket 2-in-1 Crib

Here is some cool rocketship bedding!

kids rockeship bedding set
kids rocketship bed in a bag

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