Full Trundle Bed

The full trundle bed works great for older kids. Even though they might have outgrown their twin bed and desire to graduate to a full size, it certainly doesn't mean that they have outgrown sleepovers. Kids love having friends over to visit no matter what age they are. 

When kids know that their friends have a special place to sleep at their house it makes it more fun - not only for your kid, but for their friends as well. Sometimes kids will have a best friend that they will want to come over as much as they can. With this kind of bed it is possible, and their friend might even grow to consider the roll away bed underneath as their bed away from home.

It's difficult sometimes to find a full size trundle bed for kids because they are somewhat rare. Although they may not be ranked the #1 most popular of kids beds, they do provide great usability; and they might be just right for what your child wants and needs. Some trundles are made in such a way that the mattress can be taken out and the roll out box be used as a drawer for storage. So even if the bed underneath becomes no longer needed, the possibility of extra storage is always an attractive feature. Who doesn't need more storage? Especially when you've got kids.

Full Size Bed with Trundle White Finish
Full Size Bed with Trundle - Jake - Powell Furniture - 261-045-TBED
Full Size Bed with Trundle & Drawers White Finish
Modern San Marino Collection Full Size Bed/trundle W/dr
Full Size Bed with Trundle in Cream Finish
Full Size Mate's Bed with 3 Drawer Trundle Bed Natural Maple Finish

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