Sleigh Trundle Beds

Sleigh trundle beds can add elegance and style to a child's bedroom like no other bed.  The sleigh style has always had a look of sophistication and can add great value to a kids bedroom.  

Most of the time these beds are more for adults, which is why they are hard to find in kids colors and designs. However,there are a few out there, and they can really make a room special for a child who wants to enjoy the finer things in life.  

Sleigh Trundles are not only beautiful but functional as well. A drawer underneath that pulls out into a bed for friends, cousins, siblings, or other guests to sleep on puts fun into this beautiful piece of furniture. All kids love to have people over to their house to spend the night. There is something special about it, and having an extra bed that doesn't take up extra space makes it more convenient for your child to invite special guests over more often.

Full Size Sleigh Bed with Trundle White Finish
Twin Size Sleigh Bed with Trundle White Finish

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