Girl Trundle Bed

A girl trundle bed can be a very beautiful and functional piece of furniture. Most come finished in white with the occasional pink or white and pink finish.

Some come in traditional wood or elegant iron which can really give your little girl's bedroom a look of sophistication. Girls, unlike boys, want their room to be beautiful - and that means the bed must be perfect.

A bed trudle for girls will allow your daughter to invite friends over and have a place for them to sleep during sleepovers. I know that most girls probably stay up talking all night during sleepovers; but when exhaustion finally hits and they need to crash, your daughter's friend will have their own comfortable place to sleep rather than a sleeping bag on the floor or the couch. This type of bed is perfect for small rooms; it creates double the sleeping room in half the space.

Solid Pine American Day Bed With Trundle White
Casey Daybed with Optional Trundle in Maple - Fashion Bed
Trundle Bed White Semi Gloss Finish
Full Size Bed with Trundle White Finish
Black Metal Fan Back Daybed W Pop Up Trundle
Merlot Twin Full Staircase Bunk with Trundle

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