Baby Bed Canopy

Start your little girl out with the princess treatment right from the beginning with a baby bed canopy.  These elegant little cribs are sure to turn any room into a sweet little bedroom for a baby girl.  

There are many styles and types to choose from.  The traditional wooden crib can be found in many different finishes and styles.  They bring and ora of royalty into the room and set the stage for a princess decor theme.

A crib canopy is a unique piece of furniture in and of itself, but those who want the extra unique and elegant touch can consider the round wooden crib or the wrought iron canopy.  The round wooden crib creates increased safety for your baby along with a touch of class that you don't get with regular cribs.  The iron canopy is a piece of art that is just waiting to beautify a nursery and add value to the room.  One thing that new parents get to do a lot is show off the baby's room to friends and family who come over to visit. With a baby bed like this, they can be proud to display the new room. 

These traditional crib canopies come in various wood finishes to match most any room decor.  

Athena Canopy Baby Crib (Natural)
AFG Baby Furniture 6055N Canopy Crib - Natural
Babyletto Newhaven 4-in-1 Convertible Canopy Crib in Dark Chocolate

These are a little less traditional, but could make an addorable addition to a baby's bedroom.

Stokke Crib - Canopy (Drape)
Whistle & Wink - Itsazoo Crib Canopy
Tots in Mind Cozy Crib Tent
Canopy Drape White
Whistle & Wink - Itsazoo Crib Canopy
Pique Crib Canopy - Color Ecru

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