Metal Canopy Bed for Kids!

A metal canopy bed can sometimes be confused with a wrought iron bed.  While it is true that they most of the time will have iron work in the headboard and footboard, the four posts are generally made out of metal tubing.  

This type of construction allows them to keep their beauty while keeping the price down at the same time.  It's easy to see why little girls fall in love with these types of beds because it makes them feel special and important.  

These beds can come in Victorian or four poster style, and can be decorated with a small curtain up top or be covered with floor length mosquito netting drapes.  Picking out bedding is an easy task because the metal design is congruent with a variety of  colors and designs to match the rest of the bedrooms decor.  This type of bed can turn a regular girls bedroom into a place fit for royalty. Since she is your little princess, treat her like one and let her feel special every night when she goes to bed and every morning when she wakes up.

White Twin Princess Bed Frame & Canopy Set
White Sweetheart Twin Canopy Day Bed With Rails
Twin Size Canopy Bed w/ Frame in Textured Pewter Finish - Parisian Collection
Powell Princess Emily Shabby Chic White with Pink Sand-Through Carriage Canopy Twin Size Bed
Fashion Bed Group Contour Canopy Twin Bed with Frame, Matte White
Powell Princess Rebecca Canopy Twin Size Bed 374-106 (Silver) (78.5H x 83.25W x 40.25D)
Twin Size Bed - Emily Twin Size Canopy Bed in White
Bristol Complete Twin Daybed Canopy

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