Wooden Canopy Bed for Kids

A wooden canopy bed can be a traditional Victorian style bed, or it could be a log quilt canopy. Some people prefer wood bedroom furniture as opposed to metal or iron, which is what most canopy beds for kids are made of.

Therefore some manufacturers continue to make these beds that are great for creating a unique and special kids bedroom. The wood construction is solid and will hold lasting value for years to come.

Whether you are looking for a boys room or a girls room will determine what type of solid wood bed you will choose. The traditional Victorian finished in white is obviously a girls bed and will make her feel special waking up each morning in such a cute little bed.

The log canopies are more of a boys design because they have that rustic cabin feel to them. However, these could also work in a girls room if the rest of the bedroom decor was done just right. A wooden bed canopies for kids are a rare find but can make a great fit into a kids bedroom.

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