Log Canopy Bed for Kids!

For the outdoor rugged type, a log canopy bed might be just the thing to accent a bedroom or set the theme for an entire bedroom decor. Whether you live in a log cabin or want to set the theme of a Colorado ski lodge in your room it makes no difference. 

The solid construction of the log pine canopy bed is sure to set the room motif that you desire. Sometimes these can be called quilt beds because the canopy construction above is sturdy enough to hold the weight of quilts hung around it. During cold snowy winters up north and in the mountains, before central heating, I'm sure that quilts were draped up around the bed every night to conserve heat while people slept.

This style of bed works great for a boy canopy bed. Many times people believe that canopy beds are only for girls and for the most part they are right, but a log type actually works great for a boys room. It can really set a theme for a rugged hunting cabin motif that any adventurous young boy would be proud of. The sturdy frame will also with stand the wear and tear the boys put on just about everything they come in contact with. This type of bed is normally construct out of solid cedar logs that can be painted, stained, or left unfinished. Any way you like it they are uniques beds that can make a bold statement in a bedroom.

Old Adirondack - OA-271-T - Cumberland Bay Canopy Bed - White Cedar - Twin
Canopy Twin Cedar Log Bed
Old Adirondack - OA-371-D - Quilt Canopy Bed - White Cedar - Double

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