Wrought Iron Canopy Bed

A wrought iron canopy bed is full of elegance and style and can make a great addition to any kids bedroom. Many times these beds aren't thought of for a kids room, but there is no reason why they couldn't fit in to create a classy room for an older child.

Constructed of iron they are sturdy and will provide lasting beauty for years to come. They come in a variety of different finishes that can coordinate with many different bedroom motifs. Some are full canopies while others are just half. There are many options and designs to choose from in these beautiful beds.

The term "wrought" actually means "worked". So a canopy bed made of wrought iron is constructed with beautiful iron workings in the headboard and footboard which gives each bed it's unique look and feel. For years these beds were made hand constructed by blacksmiths that twisted and bent each piece of iron into a wonderful artwork. Many of the beds today are still handcrafted, upholding the tradition of the beautiful art framed wrought iron beds of yesteryear.

Fashion Bed Group Twin Contour Canopy Bed
Princess Rebecca Twin Canopy Bed

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