Canopy Bed Curtains for Kids!

Now that you have found the perfect bed, it is time to get the perfect canopy bed curtains to set the room motif. Most of the time the bed doesn't come with the linens to drape around the canopy and must be purchased separately.

Sometimes bedding sets will come with the option of adding the curtains, and sometimes they are just sold separately.

The original use for canopies was to keep the heat in in the wintertime and the bugs and mosquitoes out in the summertime. These aren't usually problems we face these days unless you live in a big drafty castle that doesn't have air conditioning.

The drapes around the top of the canopy today are meant to beautify the room and add a little touch of class. You will still see some canopy curtains described as mosquito netting, but they are mostly just used because of their beauty. Sometimes the iron work in the bed is beauty enough if it is a four poster style, but if it is a Victorian style then it definitely needs that special canopy curtain to make the bedroom special.

Here are some addorable canopies to choose from that will make the princess in your life feel special.

Princess Canopy Cover by Kathy Ireland
Twin Size White Fantasy Eyelet Canopy
Rose Pink Twin Canopy Crown
Tie Dye Blue Cotton Chevron Bed Canopy
5 pc Full Size Canopy Bedding Bed in a Bag Set - Southern Textiles Delilah Cozy Kids
Full Size Solid White Canopy

These are some fun canopies that don't require a four-poster bed, but are mounted from the ceiling. They are an economical way to add fun and charm to your little girl's room.

Twin / Crib size bed canopy, Purple color
Fuschia String Bed Canopy
Silk Canopy - Rose Garden Silk
Turquoise String Bed Canopy
Tie Dye-licious Girls Bed Canopy 8 Ft Muti Colored
Sarah's Silks Play or Bed Canopy - Lavender Fairy
Brand New Large Bed Canopy Maroon Color
Silk Lavender Fairy Canopy
Pink Butterfly Bed Canopy
Americana Canopy Netting by Kathy Ireland
Disney Season of Enchantment Bed Canopy, Pink
Disney's Tinkerbell Bed Canopy - BLUE
Ice Creamy Tulle Netting Canopy

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